Brummitt Energy Associates

Brummitt was pleased to consult on 16 different LEED projects at Camp Pendleton–nine LEED Platinums–two of which are net zero.   As a critical design-build partner on numerous teams, we have helped to completely transform Camp Pendleton during its recent expansion.   

Our team’s early involvement and input was critical on these projects where deadlines are tight and budgets are even tighter.  This is especially true when the contract requires LEED Platinum and Net Zero, as was the case for this group of seven BEQ Buildings.  By evaluating each component, including wall and roof construction, insulation levels, glazing specifications, lighting systems & controls, HVAC system selection, efficiency, and zoning, we were able to provide feedback on the best places to use the budget and to save money while maintaining exceptional levels of energy performance.  On a net zero project, sometimes a dollar spent on construction equals ten dollars saved on renewable energy systems, but we only know that through detailed whole-building energy modeling and constant team feedback loops.

All this was done while the rigorous and detailed RFP requirements were being met.  Savings By Design incentives, LEED energy efficiency points, and EPACT energy performance were all managed simultaneously throughout all of these projects.  The Brummitt team played a key role in helping the owner, developer, and contractors squeeze the maximum benefit out of their construction dollars.

Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base

September 7, 2012
    A&D GC, Inc., Balfour-Beatty, Harper Construction, Straub Construction, TB Penick, Webcor/RA Burch
    BEQs 5 & 6 - 7 PLATINUM & 1 Net Zero, Wounded Warrior - 2 Platinum

    “An energy expert can be thought of as the adhesive that solidifies important decisions for the design and construction of quality, high-performance buildings, and the Brummitt team is the best adhesive available. Between Advanced Energy Modeling, Daylight Analysis, Measurement and Verification Planning, and MEP Constructability expertise, the involvement of Brummitt Energy was absolutely critical to the success of our LEED Certified, high-performance building projects. Their knowledgeable team of professionals analyzes each project in great detail to provide valuable and practical solutions that balance cost with quality. Having this professional expertise on board early in the design process provides the design and construction team with a level of comfort that eliminates uncertainty and streamlines the process. I highly recommend Brummitt Energy to any team seeking practical, cost-effective sustainable energy solutions in the delivery of quality high-performance buildings and campuses.”

    -- John Ambert, Architect