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The Celadon at 9th & Broadway is an Award-Winning LEED Gold signature, affordable, high-rise housing project in downtown San Diego with 250 units with amenities, retail spaces, and three floors of subterranean parking.   BRIDGE Housing, the project owner, hired Brummitt to perform energy efficiency modeling services.  The developer and architects have been honored with several design and sustainability awards:

  1. 2015 SDGE, Savings by Design Energy Efficiency and Integration Award.
  2. 2016 Gold Nugget Award of Merit from Pacific Coast Builder’s Conference for a Sustainable Residential Community project.
  3. 2016 Urban Land Institute Healthy Places Global Award for Excellence.
  4. 2016 San Diego Housing Federation Ruby Award for Excellence in Affordable Housing and Community Development.

Coming into the project early, we were able to utilize whole-building energy modeling which put the project on track for energy efficiency.   Our team’s expertise provided the following benefits:

  1. Reduced construction costs.
  2. Exceeded the TCAC Affordable Housing energy performance requirement.
  3. Performance of 22% better than the Title 24-2008 energy code.
  4. 24% better than the LEED baseline–an achievement for a multi-family occupancy type project.
  5. Increased the LEED energy points with Exceptional Calculations, supporting its pursuit of a LEED Gold Certification.
  6. Tripled the expected Savings By Design program incentives earning $150,000.
  7. Ongoing operating cost savings of more than $70,000 each year.

Other special features that contributed to the energy efficient design were a solar hot water system located on the top roof.  It provides an impressive 76% of the domestic hot water heating energy.  A unique 32-kilowatt photo voltaic (PV) system, vertically mounted on the south façade, further reduces the need for finite energy sources. The PV system is the tallest of its type in the entire US.

Brummitt is proud to have been part of this remarkable project!

Celadon at 9th & Broadway

September 22, 2015
    BRIDGE Housing
  • SQ FT:

    "As a team member on Celadon at 9th & Broadway, Brummitt Energy worked with the design team to achieve the required energy goals. Their assistance and input was part of the road map our team used to exceed the project goal of LEED Silver and to achieve LEED Gold Certified."

    -- Lori A. Ichisaka, SVA Architects
    2016 ULI Global Award for Excellence