Brummitt Energy Associates

Since 2007, Brummitt has been an integral part of the design team on this grand-scale upgrade and consolidation to the San Diego County Operations Center campus.  Phase 1 consisted of four, 150,000-square-foot office buildings and a 20,000-square-foot Conference Center.  Our team’s analysis responded to questions such as: 

How did various envelope specifications respond to San Diego’s microclimates?   What glazing options were consistent with LEED Daylighting criteria while also ensuring minimum heat gain?  What operating costs could the County expect by tying into their new state-of-the-art central plant?  What lighting levels and technologies are appropriate for this office occupancy and how much can efficient interior lighting levels reduce cooling loads?  

All of these questions, and more, were answered in real-time with our detailed whole-building energy and daylighting models.  The result?  Four LEED Gold office buildings and one LEED Platinum Conference Center–all tied into one of San Diego’s most efficient central plants and supplemented with electricity from the massive 435 kW PV system atop the new campus parking structure. 

The Brummitt team also assisted the owner to realize significant Savings by Design incentives and Commercial Building Tax Deductions based on the project’s improved energy efficiency measures.

County Operations Center

July 31, 2012
    RJC Architects & Lowe Enterprises
  • SQ FT:
    Platinum – 1, Gold – 6

    “Brummitt’s early energy modeling, energy status reporting, and guidance was a vital part of an integrated process to design and construct high efficiency energy saving buildings. The information they provided allowed the team to determine the most cost effective and rational strategies for both initial construction and long-term savings.”

    -- Greg Roberson, Architect, RJC Architects