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Brummitt is proud to have partnered with the County of San Diego on this Zero Net Energy designed library. The building is a touchstone of sustainable design practices and is certified by the USGBC at the LEED Gold Level. An 88kW photovoltaic system provides renewable energy that’s estimated to be equal to the building’s power consumption.

The new facility replaced the nearly 50-year-old, 5,100 square-foot county-owned building that the library operated out of since 1966.

For the new facility, our team’s third-party-review helped to increase the County’s confidence that the library could be designed to be a comfortable, Zero Net Energy Capable building.  During the design process we evaluated the design for consistency with energy performance targets and provided guidance on lighting, envelope, and HVAC features. Our Daylight Specialist’s analysis identified that the barrel vault overhang should be reduced, resulting in two benefits:

* An increase in daylight harvesting potential, and

* A decrease in shade potential on the roof-mounted photo-voltaic panels.

Brummitt continues to monitor the energy performance through Measurement and Verification.

Congratulations to the Imperial Beach Library for receiving the Savings by Design Energy Efficiency & Integration Award for 2017!

Imperial Beach Branch Library

December 14, 2017
    County of San Diego
  • SQ FT:
    SDG&E 2017 Energy Efficiency & Integration Award Honoree