Brummitt Energy Associates

The Mesa College Student Services Center project is a new 85,400 s.f. student services center serving Mesa College.   By using early whole-building energy modeling, the project was optimized for energy efficiency.  A displacement ventilation system was employed in the atrium and adjacent areas, which simultaneously increases comfort for the variety of users while also decreasing energy use substantially.   The project enjoys a wonderful daylight design with architectural shading features that allow the atrium and perimeter spaces to be fully daylit and free from distracting glare.

A holistic approach to design, with early involvement from all project stakeholders, allowed the project to take advantage of the many synergies of sustainable design.  With optimized insulation and well-designed daylight with lighting controls, the HVAC systems were able to be downsized substantially, leading to first cost and life-cycle savings that the Community College District will enjoy for the life of the building.

The project achieved LEED Gold Certification with energy use designed to be 40% better than the Title 24 baseline.

SDCCD Mesa College Student Services Center

December 14, 2013
    ARCHITECTS hanna gabriel wells
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    “ Brummitt Energy Associates was an outstanding addition to our team of designers and engineers. Their efforts in energy and day light modeling were instrumental in reaching the project goals for this LEED Gold Certified project. Through a holistic approach to building energy modeling, they helped our team create a project that saves more energy than any other project within the San Diego Community College District to date- providing San Diegans with years of added benefit in reduced operational costs and lower carbon emissions.”

    -- James Gabriel, Principal, ARCHITECTS hanna gabriel wells