Brummitt Energy Associates

Brummitt’s involvement in the Marine Meteorology Center began in the RFP phase by providing recommendations that helped Soltek Pacific Construction win the project located at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.

Our team’s energy and daylight feasibility analysis and reports helped to earn 25% of the points required for LEED v2009 Platinum.  The Marine Meteorology Center exhibits how a well-designed project can achieve high-performance in a cost-effective and competitive way.

Key areas where Brummitt added value to the project:

  1. 33% energy cost reduction vs. the LEED baseline – approximately $13,000 savings in annual operating costs!
  2. Achieved maximum available LEED points for EAc2 Onsite Renewable Energy.
  3. Achieved the IEQc8.2 Views point and earned an additional Exemplary Performance Credit for Views.
  4. Analysis showed that the energy savings resulting from increasing the wall insulation to R-19 (vs. R-13) was negligible. This resulted in reduced construction costs—while maintaining energy performance—in addition to an increase in usable floor space.

Naval Post Graduate School, Marine Meteorology Center P174

April 20, 2016
    Soltek Pacific Construction
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