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The Ocean Discovery Institute project demonstrates how early, integrated energy modeling can help to cost-effectively achieve energy goals including Zero Net Energy.  Our team of energy modelers began early in design to analyze and provide the energy options that were available.  Brummitt’s Energy Performance Options Analysis Report gave substance to design ideas as part of an iterative process to find the best solution.  Our analysis quantified several dozen options and their interactions.  Charts and illustrations helped everyone understand the project’s energy story.

Glazing options, daylight design, thermal comfort modeling, HVAC options, and renewable energy potential–all were analyzed together to provide the team with viable energy strategies.  Cutting energy use in half while maintaining comfort is a significant accomplishment and it was achieved within the project’s budget and schedule.

The Living Lab project is currently in construction and is on its way to joining San Diego’s other successful Zero Net Energy projects!

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Ocean Discovery Institute:
Designing for Zero Net Energy

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Ocean Discovery Institute’s Living Lab

April 19, 2016
    Rob Wellington Quigley, FAIA & Ocean Discovery Institute
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    "We supplied two years of onsite weather data to the Brummitt team, which helped to determine if passive cooling was feasible. Wind-flow, the amount of thermal mass, internal loads, and average air temperatures were all evaluated. Getting an energy consultant on board early in the process was a key in trying to reach our Zero Net Energy Goals."

    “ -- Shara Fisler, ODI Executive Director