Brummitt Energy Associates

Brummitt has partnered with this telecommunications industry leader since 2004 to ensure cost-effective energy-efficiency for its new construction and remodel projects at the Corporate HQ campus on Sorrento Mesa. 

The Building W Campus was Qualcomm’s first LEED project.  Our team demonstrated its deep knowledge of energy efficiency and industry expertise at a time when LEED was just getting underway and most “energy consultants” were doing no more than just pasting simple Title 24 results onto plan sets.  More than five years after earning its LEED certification, the Qualcomm W Campus remains the largest single LEED-NC Gold project in the city of San Diego. 

Not only did we help Qualcomm confidently navigate LEED energy issues on this complex campus project, but we also coordinated incentives through the Savings By Design program.  Building WT was awarded the maximum incentive of $150,000 to Qualcomm due to its energy efficiency.  Its neighbor to the south, Building N, was also awarded with the maximum $150,000.

We continue to work with Qualcomm today as their campus maintains its plans for growth.  The skyline in Sorrento Mesa is changing, and Brummitt is one of Qualcomm’s key partners for sustainable development.


Qualcomm W & WT

August 10, 2012
  • SQ FT:

    “Brummitt’s guidance and work throughout this complex project was invaluable. Not only with their energy performance options through design –and documenting the energy performance for LEED and SBD—but also with Beth’s knowledge and relations with the energy industry’s many groups. The captured incentives and energy cost-savings achieved by working with Brummitt on this project made it easy to assure our current clients that having Brummitt on the team is the only way to go.”

    -- Clayton Herndon, Architect, Delawie