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Since 2004, Affirmed Housing has been a happy Brummitt client, but this particular project is one that both firms are particularly proud of.  Ten Fifty B Street is the tallest 100% affordable housing project on the west coast which demonstrates that sustainability has a place in every project.   We worked side-by-side with Affirmed throughout the entire development process–from submitting the original tax credit applications related to energy-efficiency goals all the way to the moment the oversized cardboard check was handed over showing over $120,000 in Savings By Design incentives

In addition to many energy efficiency improvements in building envelope, lighting, and HVAC systems, this building is especially remarkable because the design team was able to squeeze both a PV system and solar hot water system on the relatively small roof of this 23-story high rise.  This project is an example of how the seemingly impossible can be done–install two separate renewable energy systems on a 230-foot roof that is already fighting to fit a cooling tower, make sure it makes financial sense, and  earn LEED Gold.  Impossible?  Not for Brummitt.

While this project fits in beautifully near downtown San Diego’s Cortez Hill, it also stands out from all of its neighbors with its LEED Gold rating, renewable energy systems, and outstanding energy efficiency.  Brummitt is happy to have been a part of everything that makes this project so remarkable!

Ten Fifty B Street

August 10, 2012
    Affirmed Housing Group
  • SQ FT:

    “The Team at Brummitt Energy Associates was an outstanding partner throughout the concept design and construction process, partnering with the Team to design a LEED Gold Certified residential tower. Ten Fifty B serves low income households and the exponential value of energy efficiency is a significant benefit to the residents and building operations.”

    – Anna Slaby, Project Manager, Affirmed Housing Group